Lethal Chicken Games


Specialties: Lethal Chicken Games makes lighthearted, family-friendly games from party game What The Film?! to Camping with Sasquatch. The perfect holiday gift! Established in 2017. Alex and Mike started Lethal Chicken Games while helping with the Hurricane Irma clean up in Ft. Myers in September 2017. While sharing a tent overnight after chainsawing trees all day, neither could sleep. So they talked about something they both loved... games and movies! And by 2 a.m., What The Film?! was born. At the beginning of 2018, the company was officially formed, a prototype was created and by July 2018 the game was on the shelves of Target as a Target exclusive! November 2018 marked the release of their second game, Camping with Sasquatch available online and at Amazon.com. Lethal Chicken Games is now in development on over a half dozen games and smearing joy through lighthearted, family-friendly games.


  • Tabletop Games
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  • Accepts Credit Cards
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